アンテナ・アナライザー基板を買ってしまいました (QRPGuys に出ている説明を追記) [Measuring equipme]

 パドルと一緒に QRPGuys からアンテナ・アナライザーの基板も買ってしまいました。

・Portable use with 9V battery or use a 9V wall wart when grid power is available; perfect for in the field or home use.
これを 9V の電池でフィールドで使えるなら便利そうです。
QRPGuys に出ている説明です。

An article will be appearing later this year in QST magazine for this antenna analyzer by Jack Purdum (W8TEE) and Farrukh Zia (K2ZIA). Here are some highlights and description of the device.
  • VSWR measurements covering all amateur bands – continuous scans can be done for any frequency between 1-30MHz.
  • Predetermined band edges for quick entry of scan start and end points – all lower and upper band limits serve as default scan points, fully adjustable with a simple turn of the encoder
  • Large (3.5” x 2.125”) color TFT display for scan plots – a 262,000 color display with 480×320 pixel resolution. Compare to other higher priced units with 128×64 resolution.
  • Save scan data. An optional 2Gb SD card allows you to save over 9000 scans! Others only allow limited scans (e.g., 10) that are saved in memory. Turn the machine off and they are lost. Not with the AA!
  • Scan data export. The scan data are saved in the popular CSV format and can be exported via the USB port for use in other programs (e.g., Excel, graphics package, text editor, etc.)
  • Scan overlays. Run a scan and save it to the SD card. Now make a change to the antenna, and run another scan and immediately overlay the previous scan plot to the current scan plot to assess the impact of your change on the antenna.
  • 100 scan point resolution regardless of scan spread – compare to other analyzers that use only 12 scan points.
  • Fast scans, typically less than 5 seconds for a 100 step scan – compare to 30 seconds with fewer scan points other units.
  • Portable use with 9V battery or use a 9V wall wart when grid power is available; perfect for in the field or home use.
  • Simple two control user interface…and one of those is the power switch! This means easier construction.
  • High quality PCB that simplifies connections to the Arduino Mega2560 Pro Mini board and the TFT display.

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